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About Us | M.Y. Martial Arts - Fremont, CA

The top martial arts studio in Fremont, CA is M.Y. Martial Arts. We specialize in teaching all varieties of martial arts and self-defense classes for adults, teens, and children (4 years and up). Our class for women’s self-defense is one of our most popular, shaking off the notion that we are simply a gym full of egotistical males. We believe in discipline and are open to teaching and working with all types of people, from all walks of life. Taking the central path in all things is what we do best at our facility. Let us help show you the way.

Since all things must be earned in the martial arts, you will need to take a 2-week trial class for uniforms. After your initial introductory phase, the real training will begin. We will help you become more confident in the use of your body in terms of both overall fitness and self-defense. Our instructors take your wellbeing seriously and will never push you beyond your limits, but we do believe in gentle nudging. Becoming a better person and martial artist happens at the same time at our gym.

We all need positivity in our lives. Come to M.Y. Martial Arts in Fremont, CA to experience our brand of positive energy. Touch base with our team and find out how we can make your life better.

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