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Engaging in combat is by nature one of the most ancient of human characteristics. For millennia, cultures around the globe have risen and fallen based on their military might. Each group had their own tactics and style. Whether it was in a group or as individuals, it was the martial arts of each of these civilizations that made a huge difference. The Chinese developed Kung-Fu, the Japanese developed Karate and Judo, the Koreans developed Tae Kwon Do, and on and on.

At M.Y. Martial Arts of Fremont, CA, we have studied the techniques of all the world’s fighting styles, as passed down from generation to generation. We believe in the philosophy of the martial arts as much as the technical discipline itself. When you work with our instructors you too will come to understand the depth of our passion.

The vision that drives us is a simple one: create change one person and one day at a time. It is this simple ideal that drives us every single day. At M.Y. Martial Arts, we are proud to serve the Fremont, CA community and want you to come visit us today. We believe in a caring but disciplined approach and will provide you with the knowledge and the lessons needed to become a skilled martial artist.

If you have not been to our studio before, now is the perfect time. Helping you become more adept at martial arts is our number goal.

When you start to understand what is at the core of this lifestyle, you too will become believers. Connect with us to learn more.

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