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Imagine your son or daughter walking to their car at night outside their new apartment or dorm room. This is where bad things happen. This is where crime occurs. The mere thought is enough to make a concerned parent wince at the possible prospects that lie in wait for their child.

While this is disturbing to think about, it does not have to be this way. If you are in Fremont, CA, it is time to learn about your self-defense options at M.Y. Martial Arts. We are here to teach you how to protect yourself.

Learning self-defense is not as difficult as one might imagine. Whether it is for you, a spouse, a child, or friend, anyone can benefit from our simple and effective techniques. Much of our training focuses on building confidence in the individual so that they do not become victims in the small moment they have to act. We focus on quick-reaction skill drills so that when the time comes for action, an individual can react on instinct and not freeze with panic or fear. With our help, you will become confident and able to fight.

Avoiding conflict at all costs is the name of the game at M.Y. Martial Arts of Fremont, CA. It may surprise you to find that we do not encourage conflict, and, in fact, we perform self-defense drills that work to minimize it. Did you know that if you are approached in the street, it is always best to run? You never know what your attacker might be carrying in their back pocket.

At our studio it is our aim to keep you safe and alive at all costs. Reserve a spot in our next group class immediately.

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